If you are entering new territory by yourself for a skill set you do not currently have it is impossible to predict the challenges for something you know so little about. There won’t always be someone to guide you, but never give up! Expect a rough road ahead and step forward. Self-improvement is always worth it.

Making the Slipstream enemy was a bit tricky. With an animation background it’s very hard to settle for function and mechanics. It can’t just work, it has to look and feel like this machine can actually exist in real life. Unlike animation however you have to develop the AI for a machine which will move/animate in ways specific to how a player interacts with them. This is an exciting process but can often times be frustrating. Below is the visual process, but it may be more exciting for you to experience the mechanics without too much spoiler into how it works. At least for now. There will definitely be more behind the scenes for how things works under the hood after the demo is released.

Sketch for mechanic concepts
First texture design with Quixel Software
Final texture design with Substance software (Not bashing on Quixel on these posts, just found Substance a better fit for our team)
Just another render for your viewing pleasure.

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