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Darwing Update

TWO posts in a day?! Unheard of… but as promised, here are some extra details of the Darwing. Shout out once more to Kendall Spraggins for high detail quality!

Alden Updated

Completely re-did Alden Prowl to look much more legit.

Environment Expansion

Letting the level breathe a little.

Upgrades – HUD

HUD upgrade going into Beta Demo


Presenting your ship for the journey.

Star Duck Trailer/Hype Video

Hype train coming through!

Under Construction *smirks*…

Home stretch! Posts will resume 7/16/2019!

Grand Mallard Assets

Putting the pieces together

Mortie (Mort) Pigeo

Final pilot of the Star Duck team!

Pancho Penguino

Anger is as necessary as any other emotion, if not more so. -Pancho