Okay, not too many points on naming originality, but we wanted to be let you know right off the bat that these bad boys are made to evolve with you throughout the game. Outfit it with the weapons you earn throughout the game. Keep what you want, store what you don’t. You choose how what to take on your missions.

Big props to Kendall Spraggins for giving his loving attention to even more than you see here. Heavy attention to details in the cockpit, wings, landing gear, and engines. We’ll be showing it off in future Star Duck team shots.

Behind The Scenes – Weapon Mechanics

Sadly this is the last behind the scenes recording for now as we need to focus our attention on the Beta Build and Kickstarter Campaign for Star Duck. But check the video below to see how the weapon systems work!

Behind the Scenes – Weapon Mechanics

Check out our kickstarter here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/emanatestudios/star-duck

Star Duck – Kickstarter & Game plan

And we’re live! Come check out the kickstarter page here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/emanatestudios/star-duck

Putting the Pieces Together

Showing is often times easier than telling. Which is why before the next phase we needed a trailer and playable game out there.

With the Alpha Demo out, testing has begun to begin improvements for the Beta and final demo release.

At the same time the upgrades are being made, a Kickstarter will be running in pursuit of financing the complete game. Next Tuesday we’ll have a vlog going through all these details and answering questions like – where is this all going, or what’s next, or how can I try the game if I missed this past Alpha build?

Thank you all very much!

Emanate Studios

If You Followed Using Your WordPress Account

Due to wordpress followers not necessarily having an email or other form of contact we have not been able to deliver the Alpha Build to a handful of you. If you are still interested reach out to us via email or facebook message and we’ll get you squared away.

Thank you so much!

Emanate Studios

Star Duck Trailer/Hype Video

For those of you who didn’t sign up on time to try the Alpha release of the game. It’s okay, we got you covered. here’s some hype to get on board for the next release. I’ll be back soon with more updates on what’s next!

Star Duck Trailer/Hype Video

Alpha Delivery

Apologies on being a day late for those deliveries. If you have subscribed by email you have been personally emailed access. If there are any issues or questions please reach out and we’ll get you playing ASAP.

UNLESS… you are a mac user. Then you’ll have to wait about another week for the mac builds. So sorrryyyy!!! Small studio problems…

Thank you so much to everyone for you patience and support! Stay tuned on how to get the next delivery!