Under Construction *smirks*…

Here’s a little screen shot of the level being developed. Now that we’re in the home stretch all the focus and attention will be going into the demo release which means a momentary hold on posting content. Posts will resume in 7 days! Thank you for your patience!

Grand Mallard Assets

There are a lot of little pieces that go into a scene. Making those pieces is fun and it feels pretty good once they’re all put into place according to plan. Here are some of the assets you’ll see scattered throughout the Grand Mallard

A few of the modular pieces going into the Grand Mallard
Architectural components to build the scene

The Grand Mallard

Welcome to the Grand Mallard, The main ship you travel on throughout the game! Here I talk a little about how the game will play out and then you can see what it actually looks like!

Grand Mallard – Behind The Scenes

Mortie (Mort) Pigeo

Last character that will be in the demo! He’s rather quirky but he’s on the team for good reason. Up next is the Grand Mallard! Stay tuned for the reveal on Tuesday!

Front View

Quick update and thank you!

Developing something from scratch can be quite difficult, but totally worth it to have something that you made with your own hands. I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their support so far and for being awesome people to help push this project to fruition!

Thanks you!

Pancho Penguino

Hot headed, but loyal to the end. Duck’s best friend and right hand man… Penguin.

Pancho Bio

Alden PrOwl

Yes… he slightly fills the stereotype that owls somehow have for being wise. However, even though he still has the vigor to fight, his mind isn’t as sharp as it once was. But despite his encroaching senility, Duck can still rely on him for sound advice.

Alden Bio
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Back View