Star Duck – What, Why, How

This short video explains a very high level view of Star Duck just to whet appetite for curiosity.

Black Clouds

Above is the final version. Below is a walk through from the sketches through all the iterations this enemy went though. An extremely simple design, but it served perfectly to learn all the new tools we wanted to use for the game.

Quick concept of Black Clouds – the 1st enemy created for Star Duck.
First texture used Quixel software and was quick and dirty
Refined a little more to have more of a steam punk look
Switched from Quixel to Substance
Refined model slightly and now has 2 hatches instead of 4 to shoot from.

A Brief Introduction

About Emanate Studios, this blog, and Star Duck

Star Duck

Our first game as a team. Stay tuned for more information – there will be a lot coming in the next few weeks until the demo release!

Let’s get this started

Welcome to Emanate Studios! The culmination of collaborative work among 4 hard working artists. We are at a place where it’s time to start sharing our work with the community and let you jump into the journey with us, and in a few months try out the demo we will be giving out for free!

We’ll be giving plenty of information in the following weeks so I hope you come along for the ride and I look forward to sharing our work with all of you!